Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Shitty But A Bit Better

The ego compels people to do stupid things. It compels them to do evil, due to their insecurities and poisoned mind. I have seen them all. I know what I'm up against, and if I take a confrontational stand, it will only serve to get the ego bigger.

No matter what the religion - Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, (fake) Malaysian Buddhism, liberalism, education - everyone has failed to understand their own faiths and beliefs, which all shout a united chorus of setting aside such stupid things as the ego.

Unfortunately, we live in a world of idiots who are trapped with defining their self-image when that is a fool's errand.

Sometimes I wish I would be run over by a car and just die, because existing with these dumbass motherfuckers is worse than being eaten by worms.

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