Thursday, June 26, 2014

Behind Satan's Smile : Puberty

I remembered when all of my friends had their puberty already and I am left. All alone.


Some had their puberty hit on standard five which is 11 years old. So they grew boobs a lot faster and by the time they reached high school, they just tends to have that holy-shit-mothercracker body. A hell lot differ than me who hit puberty on 14 years old.

You know what I'm sayin'? You feel me?

Yeah.... hell bitch. HELL.

Dudes and dudelinas called me "papan" for some reason. I don't mad. I just felt a little insecure as I don't have that ideal body and such.

But then, things went different when mom said that those who hit their puberty early would have their menopause earlier than other who don't. So yeah. It does makes sense. And fuck, I don't give a damn.

I didn't find heaven through that. So why worry? It was just some scary shit that girls would gone through. I've learn to be proud for what you are and those you are capable of. Mind fuck to those who give a damn. Beauty is just a philosophy that created by human being itself. Some find having moles looks like donkey. Some find it pretty.

Beauty is a very subjective thing to talk about as it doesn't really clarify the true meaning of it. Beauty, to me is a feeling of proud being one self and confident for the looks and sake of God's craft.

Be blessed, get blessed, bitches.

I planned on writing something about my years in high school thou. But you know, well, ahh..



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